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Company Profile:

Wetland Supply Company was founded in 1992.  We were one of the first nurseries in the U.S. to specialize in plants for wetland restoration.  We have since expanded our product line to include a huge selection of native plants and seed for a wide variety of habitats.  We also carry specialty plants for passive water treatment systems, phytoremediation systems and bioengineering.  Our products include hundreds of species of bare root and potted herbaceous and woody plants.  In addition, we are developing a large variety of specialty products for use in restoration.  Our products are environmentally friendly, easy to work with and tested in the field.  These include 100% biodegradable coir (coconut) blankets and mats, biologs and biodegradable pots.

Enjoy our latest catalog in Adobe .pdf format.  It doubles as an informative application guide.  And don't forget - we offer an extensive variety of seed and specialty seed mixes at very competitive prices!

We are more than happy to offer expert advise on all of your planting and seeding projects.  Please do not hesitate to contacts us with your questions or if you need additional information!

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Updated October 2013

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